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Marketing and communications experts from leading U.S. health systems join forces with BPD to help advise healthcare leaders on the most pressing issues today.

Building on their deep marketing, branding and communications expertise in the healthcare industry, BPD has introduced the CMO SWAT Team. This group consists of the most sophisticated, progressive former health system CMOs in the industry who will provide added value to BPD clients.

The CMO SWAT Team will work with BPD clients to address difficult challenges, advance high-level initiatives and transform practices. Areas of focus include marketing, branding, communications, digital marketing, strategic planning, change management and more.

The inaugural members of the CMO SWAT Team are:

  • Marian Dezelan – Most recently serving as the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Beth Israel Lahey Health, Marian is a C-suite leader with diverse experience in large provider and payor systems, specializing in omnichannel B2B and B2C marketing and communications strategy development to engage with target audiences. Prior to her role at Beth Israel Lahey Health, Marian worked at a wide range of large health systems, including UPMC, Northwell Health, Tenet Healthcare and Gateway Health.

  • Kristen Wevers – Previously the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at UC Health, Kristen has 30+ years of senior leadership experience in brand, marketing, media relations, corporate communications and business development. She has also served as the chief brand, marketing and communications officer at Mercy Health, Ohio’s largest health system, and the company spokesperson for Procter & Gamble’s North American marketing and sales functions.

When leveraging the CMO SWAT Team, BPD clients will receive insights and guidance for handling pressing issues or developing new initiatives, expertise and proactive strategies for healthcare industry shifts that impact their work, and exclusive thought leadership from the experts at BPD in collaboration with CMO SWAT Team members. Clients will have the option of adding the CMO SWAT Team where needed.

“Having the most experienced, innovative health system CMOs helping our clients with their thorniest issues and biggest opportunities is a great example of how BPD embraces the chaos of healthcare to build groundbreaking brands.”

Chris Bevolo, BPD Chief Transformation Officer

BPD will host a master class with CMO SWAT Team member Marian Dezelan at SHSMD 2023 on September 11 and offer attendees the opportunity to set up one-on-one sessions to talk through their current challenges. Learn more about BPD's presence at SHSMD 2023 here.

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