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healthcare systems should be the most beloved brands in the world

Think about it: they give hope to cancer patients…they transplant hearts into sick children…they care for the chronically ill.

Healthcare brands truly make the world a better place. Every. Single. Day.

There are few industries that serve a higher Purpose.

And there are few endeavors for marketers as noble as helping healthcare systems help others.

That’s why, at BPD, our Purpose is to inspire greatness—in our work and throughout our clients’ companies—to help them bring better health to more people.

By inspiring greatness, we will help our healthcare system partners create armies of ambassadors inside and outside their walls.

We will arm our partners with breakthrough strategies, creative, content and media approaches that will inspire their community members to live healthier lives and take advantage of innovative care.

And, together, we will set a new standard in healthcare where the marketing we create truly embodies the greatness of the organization’s Purpose.

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