Meet Our Igniters of Greatness

Meet Our Igniters of Greatness

Meet Our Igniters of Greatness

Out of many, one

At BPD, our work is rooted in understanding people of all races, ethnicities, gender expressions, sexual identities, abilities, and life experiences. To enable these authentic connections, we cultivate a culture of one-ness where we:

Celebrate our diversity;

Unite in Purpose;

Lead the creation of inclusive work that contributes to health equity for all.

We lean into the honest conversations that teach us to recognize that the pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion is never done and that it is essential to igniting greatness inside our walls and across the healthcare landscape. So we commit to this endeavor not only because it is right and just, but because it is the foundation of brilliant, resonant work for our clients.

We’re a team of 160 mind-changers and habit-breakers, data-miners and needle-movers, strategy mavens and creative maestros. We’re passionate about our team, our work, our clients and the impact we can have in the world.

Get to know the people behind our award-winning work.

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