The Human Spirit

Where does the human spirit live?

Our focus on the Whole Person the body, mind and spirit is what continues to set AdventHealth apart. And nowhere does the human spirit shine brighter, with more wattage, than in our patients, our partners and the healthcare professionals who care for us all.

You won’t find the human spirit in any anatomy books, but we know it when we see it. It’s tenacity, beauty, courage, creativity, kindness. It’s the doctor searching to find an anomaly in the bloodwork.

The athlete determined to recover from knee surgery before the start of the season. The grandfather fighting his way back from heart failure. The child imagining a better world and believing we will make it so.

The human spirit lives in us, but it also moves between us. We can’t see it or hold it. It is crafted and guided by Divine Design. We only need to recognize it in someone else to realize it in ourselves.

And as our community continues to show us its power and impact are beyond measure.

The importance of authenticity

Consumers respond more favorably to ads that show them true and relatable reflections of themselves.

What is and isn’t authentic is hard for consumers to define, but easy for them to sniff out when it isn’t the real thing.

Our reputation starts with believability and trust.

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