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Unveiling ‘The Art of Human Understanding’: Capturing the Impact of Personalizing Healthcare with NRC Health

September 28, 2023
Creative, Marketing Strategy

By Anna Chappell

As a Creative Director at BPD, my journey in the world of creative and strategic advertising has led me to collaborate with remarkable clients and help bring their brands and products to life. Recently, we had the privilege to work with NRC Health on a project that not only sparked our creative flames but also highlighted the core of their unique offerings. Today, I’m thrilled to share the story behind ‘The Art of Human Understanding’ and how we managed to encapsulate NRC Health’s essence through our creative journey.

Unearthing the Essence: NRC Health’s Differentiator

In the vast landscape of healthcare data, NRC Health stands out by offering more than just aggregated patient data. They provide a unique product that revolves around Human Understanding®, building bridges between providers and patients. ‘The Art of Human Understanding’ is a strategic response to the challenge of competitors emulating NRC Health’s creative and strategy. We realized that it was time to assert their unique selling point—the ability to deliver personalized data derived from individual experiences that aggregate patient data alone cannot fathom.

Emphasizing ‘N of 1’You Are the Focus

NRC Health’s personalized data approach, known as ‘N of 1,’ is a testament to the fact that each patient is a universe within themselves. This strategy allows providers to tailor care based on personal information that truly captures the essence of an individual. This not only results in improved patient experiences and overall better care but also nurtures long-term patient-provider relationships and improves employee retention, thus positively impacting the bottom line.

Crafting the Campaign: The Origin of ‘The Art of Human Understanding’

This artistic endeavor aimed to manifest NRC Health’s unique product offering by ensuring that every single detail was personal, custom and one-of-a-kind. From the hand-crafted art to the custom music to the words that served as the foundation for the artwork, every detail is distinctly human and completely unique. 

Just like NRC Health’s approach, this work breaks through a sea of sameness in the category.

We chose to delve into the world of micrography, a technique that leverages specific words to construct a more expansive visual representation. Within this context, the chosen words were purposefully selected to align with NRC Health’s product offerings. For example, “My Story” serves as the platform through which patients input their individual information, making it the ideal choice for the Patient Portrait. Likewise, “Human Understanding” is NRC Health’s comprehensive product line and encapsulates their mission.

Just as a detailed stroke contributes to a larger masterpiece, NRC Health’s Human Understanding® adds depth to their understanding of each patient.

Case Study: Jayce Hall’s Portrait

The Art of Human Understanding‘ took shape in inspiring and artistic representations of NRC Health’s products, rendered in ways that had never been witnessed in the healthcare realm. A perfect example is the portrait of Jayce Hall, where we ventured beyond the surface to capture his essence. Jayce’s tattoos and mannerisms weren’t mere adornments; they were windows into his unique story. We wanted the creative to evoke a sense of presence—a feeling of being there with Jayce—much like the depth of connection NRC Health aspires for patients to have with their providers.

Fostering Meaningful Connections

The driving force behind our creative endeavor was to mirror the kind of relationships NRC Health aims to foster. We wished to express that just as the art of micrography unveils the beauty of details, NRC Health’s approach to personalized healthcare reveals the intricate aspects that make each patient a universe in themselves.

In the end, ‘The Art of Human Understanding’ did more than just visualize NRC Health’s offerings—they embodied their philosophy and the unique experience they offer. The campaign not only celebrated the ‘N of 1’ strategy but also underlined the importance of personalized care, ultimately weaving a narrative that spoke of stronger patient-provider bonds and a heightened overall experience.

The journey with NRC Health has been an exhilarating one, reminding us that creativity isn’t just about making something visually appealing, but also about conveying the essence of a brand’s values, philosophy, and aspirations. ‘The Art of Human Understanding’ managed to encapsulate the essence of personalized healthcare in every stroke, and we couldn’t be prouder to have been a part of this transformative endeavor.

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