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Better Work. Faster: The #1 Thing Hospitals Can Do to Improve the ROI From Their Marketing Agencies

June 25, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, ROI

Having led Brand Strategy at large agencies for some of the biggest brands in categories as diverse as pharmaceuticals, airlines, alcohol, beverages, professional sports, television networks, cable companies, utilities, toothbrushes, mattresses, big box retail and even sexual health products, there is one common thread that exists throughout: If you want your agency to produce better…

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ROI: The Three Letters that Make Every Healthcare Marketer Squirm

May 7, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Strategy, ROI

As a marketer, we hear the same question over and over from senior management:  “What is my return on investment for (enter any marketing execution here)?” It is not that it is a bad question.  In fact, management should be asking this question, as well as marketers.  Who wouldn’t want to know that their marketing…

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Cure Mistakes Improve Marketing OutcomesCure these four mistakes to improve marketing outcomes. (And other musings from a fellow healthcare marketer.)

December 22, 2014
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Budget, Operations, RFP, ROI

I love blogs like this. The author (me in this case) stands on a pedestal and shouts what is wrong with the world (in this case we are talking about the healthcare marketing world). Of course, the implication is that since I can diagnose the disease I surely must be an expert on the treatment….

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