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Will Wearables Catch on in Healthcare?

February 17, 2016
Healthcare, Marketing Trends, Technology

Wearable technology, or “wearables,” have become popular among consumers who track their fitness with devices such as Fitbit. The Apple Watch brings the game to a whole new level with its potential to collect patients’ medical data to share with physicians (HealthKit) and, even, with clinical trials (ResearchKit). But will wearables catch on enough to…

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Corporate Responsibility: How To Make Social Sense

January 13, 2016
Culture, Marketing Trends, Social Responsibility

If your company were given the chance to forgo $2 billion in sales to do the right thing, would it?  Most wouldn’t.  CVS did exactly this by ending the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products at its more than 7,600 stores nationwide last year.  Considering they are the largest pharmacy healthcare provider in the U.S….

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New Year, Same Old Headline!

December 17, 2015
Marketing Trends, New Year

I still remember the first time I saw it… It was 2002 (ish) and I was working for a start-up health website that was just starting to dabble in email campaigns and newsletters. One of my editors submitted an email for editing with the subject “New Year, New You” to promote our latest offering: an…

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Use Experiential Displays to Promote your Healthcare Brand’s Services

August 6, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Trends, Onsite Marketing, Technology

Experiential marketing involves messaging you can touch, feel or view in a physical space – an interactive kiosk with a touch screen, for instance. Experiential expenditures by healthcare are growing because they are sometimes more effective than traditional promotion expenditures and influence consumers’ decision-making more than ever before. Experiential marketing can play an important role…

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Augmented Reality Can Augment Your Hospital’s Print Ads

July 2, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Trends, Print Ads

For the healthcare industry, the medium of print advertising is still relevant and effective. And now it is finding ways to merge with digital media to become more interactive. How can print content become interactive?  Think of the scenes in the Harry Potter movies in which a photo in a newspaper comes to life as…

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