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Unveiling ‘The Art of Human Understanding’: Capturing the Impact of Personalizing Healthcare with NRC Health

September 28, 2023
Creative, Marketing Strategy

By Anna Chappell As a Creative Director at BPD, my journey in the world of creative and strategic advertising has led me to collaborate with remarkable clients and help bring their brands and products to life. Recently, we had the privilege to work with NRC Health on a project that not only sparked our creative…

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Navigating Healthcare’s Perfect Storm: 5 Lessons in Marketing from Industry Giants

September 15, 2023
Marketing Strategy

By Jason Brown From regulatory shifts to technological advancements, healthcare has always been an arena of transformation. However, the perfect storm that was the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges that demanded a new level of innovation. Three healthcare system giants—AdventHealth, Adventist Health, and HCA Healthcare— came together on stage for the first time at the…

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Healthcare Internet Conference: Hyperpersonalization at AdventHealth

October 24, 2019
Conferences, Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Strategy

As digital spaces become busier, provider growth increasingly depends on marketing directly to consumers with personalized messages that inspire them to action. Actual consumer segments are incredibly specific and change across circumstances. Even inspiring brands struggle to personalize content at the right level and miss opportunities to convert valuable customers. Hear how AdventHealth is piloting…

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Marketing to Moms: The New Face of Millennial Motherhood

June 22, 2017
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Everyone has a picture of the “perfect mom” in their mind.  Some draw from mothers they know personally, and some utilize famous moms from television to exemplify the demographic profile and characteristics they believe a mother possesses. For some of us, she is Clair Huxtable, of The Cosby Show. Mrs. Huxtable was a highly-educated professional…

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YouTube TrueView: a Healthcare Marketer’s Knockout Punch Against the Competition?

December 14, 2015
Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

YouTube is making the holiday season even brighter, much to the delight of retailers everywhere. New features will ensure a little less re-gifting this season, but also provide ample opportunity for healthcare marketers to knock out the competition with early adoption. Already, TrueView provides an opportunity for marketers to be more efficient with ad placement. The…

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Marketing Your Latest Healthcare Award

October 9, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Your hospital just won another award! Nice job! Isn’t this something that everyone in your market needs to know? Yes, definitely! And, possibly, no. DEFINITELY: When you’ve been recognized for excellence, internal stakeholders and potential patients need to know about it. AND, POSSIBLY, NO: While medical excellence is understood and appreciated by everyone, not every…

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Surprise and Delight Campaigns – 5 Reasons Healthcare Marketers Should Take Note

September 17, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Surprise and Delight is a marketing strategy in which companies select an individual or group to receive a surprise gift or experience.  According to Harvard Business Review, this campaign strategy is a No. 1 favorite amongst marketers for a plethora of reasons, but the evidence is in the massive range of marketers embracing the strategy….

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ROI: The Three Letters that Make Every Healthcare Marketer Squirm

May 7, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Strategy, ROI

As a marketer, we hear the same question over and over from senior management:  “What is my return on investment for (enter any marketing execution here)?” It is not that it is a bad question.  In fact, management should be asking this question, as well as marketers.  Who wouldn’t want to know that their marketing…

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Marketing Transparency: McDonald’s Main Ingredient

April 23, 2015
Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Risk Taking, Transparency

For years, McDonald’s has struggled with a bad reputation when it came to their food. With the help of social media, myths and rumors spread quickly and aggressively contributing to this poor reputation. Until a few years ago, McDonald’s wasn’t putting much effort into confronting these stigmas, further widening the trust gap.  Their transparency campaign…

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6 Ways to Market to Potential Patients (Instead of Internal Stakeholders)

April 17, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Goals, Marketing Strategy

As a hospital marketer, you are in a position to help effect true change in people’s lives. After all, it’s the messages and information you communicate on behalf of your hospital that could potentially influence someone in need of healthcare services to choose your brand; and this choice may lead to improving the quality of…

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