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Healthcare Marketing Industry Transformation Inspired By Purpose

November 13, 2017
Healthcare Marketing, Leadership, Purpose-Driven Marketing

I truly believe healthcare systems should be the most beloved brands in the world. Not only that, but their advertising campaigns should be on par with Nike, Coke and Apple.  Sounds crazy? Perhaps.  But think about it: what industry serves a higher Purpose than healthcare? Does Coke save lives? Does Nike bring life into the…

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Passionate About Your Customers? Put Your Employees First.

BPD Basics, BPDerrs Come First, inspiration, Leadership

Should employees come before clients? I struggled with this question for years as the CEO of Brown Parker & DeMarinis Advertising. I couldn’t imagine putting anyone or anything above the client. But along the way I realized, thanks to inspiration from Mr. Branson and others, that great customer service was only possible by putting the…

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