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Why Emotional Intelligence is Crucial in Healthcare

September 10, 2015
EQ, Healthcare Marketing

I’m a big advocate for emotional intelligence, as you can see from my post in July. Emotional intelligence can bring many benefits to an individual as well as an entire organization. Working at a marketing agency that specializes in healthcare marketing, I am really intrigued by how powerful and necessary emotional intelligence is in the…

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Star Trek & the Role of Empathy in Content Marketing

August 31, 2015
Content Marketing, Content Strategy, EQ

Don’t worry, this is not Confessions of a Teenage Fan Girl circa 1989. But, the most fascinating Star Trek character for me was always Deanna Troi. For non-Trekkies out there, Troi was an empath – literally able to feel what the people around her were feeling. With very little information and even less guidance, Troi…

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Want to be more successful at work? Get in touch with your emotions.

July 23, 2015

Emotional intelligence, or as some like to refer to it, “EQ,” has become an extremely important topic in today’s society. The concept that our emotional capabilities are just as valuable, if not more so, as our intellectual capabilities is now largely mainstream, and companies are focusing their attention on training their employees on how to…

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