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About the Client

HCA Capital Division, a division of HCA, (NYSE: HCA), is a group of hospitals serving Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky and New Hampshire.


The Challenge

HCA Capital Division has identified moms-to-be as potential loyal healthcare consumers as they care for themselves, their spouse, their parents, and children.

It is identified that moms-to-be typically decide on their hospital for delivery within their first trimester. How can HCA Capital Division begin a conversation with these women as soon as they find out they are pregnant to influence this decision?


It is important to first understand the mind set of women in their first trimester, especially first-time moms.

Studies show women in their first trimester are often feeling anxious and emotional, uncertain.

64% of moms say parenting today is more competitive than it used to be.

3 in 4 Millennial moms feel it is important to be “perfect”.

47% of moms feel social media contributes to the stress.

The Strategy

The only thing that outnumbers the volume of questions a mom-to-be has is the number of contradicting and emphatic opinions she receives.

Ironically, these “answers” usually leave her even more confused and questioning her mom ability.

Let’s be honest about the emotions she—and many pregnant women are experiencing. Let’s turn her anxiety and self-doubt into clarity, confidence, and comfort.

HCA Capital Division hospitals will become the trusted resource for moms-to-be.

Value Proposition: We help you trust yourself as you prepare to become a mom. (Emphasis on building trust in herself and in the organization)

The Results

HCA Capital Division hospitals are bringing forward the uncomfortable questions and discussions she is too shy, embarrassed, or ashamed to ask.

By getting answers and hearing stories from other relatable women, she will feel informed, prepared, and confident as she proceeds with her pregnancy. We got your back – you can do this!

Online and offline ads drive traffic to, where they can view videos of real moms and learn about their unique pregnancy and birth experiences.

The campaign launched with shopping center and airport advertisements just in time for the holiday traffic and has since expanded into paid and social digital advertising. Social influencers and a ’40 Weeks’ Alexa skill are also included in the campaign execution.

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