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About the Client

Florida Hospital is one of the country’s largest not-for-profit healthcare providers, treating more patients than any other hospital in the US. The organization, whose mission is To Extend the Healing Ministry of Christ, has grown year over year while staying true to its holistic health care approach – stressing the importance of caring for the whole person in mind, body and spirit.

The Challenge

Communicating a brand purpose to the community in a way that resonates with the audience

The core values Florida Hospital embodies drive the organization to take care of the sick, of course, but also to maintain overall wellness and a healthy lifestyle among patients and non-patients alike. Florida Hospital tasked BPD to communicate this purpose to the market and, in the process, position the brand as an indispensable community asset.


When people see that we share their values, they’ll bond with us

People don’t buy WHAT you do. They buy WHY you do it. Loyalty is created by developing an emotional bond beyond rationality.

The Strategy

Honor individuals who inspire us and make life amazing

We developed “Life Is Amazing” campaign – an integrated campaign that inspires the celebration of life, featuring stories of people who share Florida Hospital’s values and whose lives inspire us all to live life to the fullest. Throughout the campaign we tell tales of faith, charity, perseverance, selflessness, compassion, empathy, joy and hope. We strategically—yet not overtly—weave the Florida Hospital brand pillars of Fighting for Life, Enriching Life and Celebrating Life into the conversation. And, at the end of the day, viewers, readers and Web surfers, are inspired to be better people…in mind, body and spirit.

This campaign is connecting to our community members in a new and exciting way for us – they are seeing us not only as their ally in healing but as champions of health who also share their values. The message of encouraging everyone to seek out ways to appreciate the individuals in their lives, as well as celebrating life’s big and small moments, is really resonating with our market in ways we didn’t expect but are so rewarding. People are finding pieces they can personally relate to; they see themselves or someone they love or admire in our campaign. Meanwhile, our service line volumes have grown on the back end.


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