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About the Client

HCA North Florida, a division of HCA, (NYSE: HCA), is a group of 14 hospitals located in the state of Florida.

The Challenge

Billboards, the most common medium for ER advertising, have become customary and expected.

As a significant driver of patient acquisition and downstream revenue, emergency services are regularly promoted by hospital systems. It is customary among the hospitals to utilize outdoor billboards as a primary vehicle for ER campaigns. Instead of simply refreshing the billboard creative, we seized the opportunity to generate a division-wide ER campaign that lends itself to increased engagement among potential patients.


Be relevant when they don’t need an ER in order to be their first consideration when they do.

99.9% of all people are not in need of an ER when they view ER marketing. Hospitals that build trusting relationships with target audiences by being relevant in their daily lives, will most likely be their first choice in an emergency.

The Strategy

Create and manage an engaging Healthy ER Hacks campaign that provides healthy tips and tricks on a regular basis.

Leveraging the popularity of Life Hacks, we created – a division-wide ER website that provides tips, tricks and little-known remedies to help with a range of health problems from a paper cut to emergencies. The website provides a full page of content per Hack, the closest HCA North Florida hospital ER with wait time, a Hack search feature and a text and email subscription sign-up option. A robust, converged awareness strategy drives traffic to the website, utilizing earned, owned and paid digital media. Hacks are posted twice per week to hospital social pages and are received by email and text-message subscribers.

The Results

Website engagement is the highest we have witnessed.

During its first 12-month run, the campaign generated 20,331,266 campaign impressions, 79,179 website page views and 58,178 visits to the website. The average website bounce rate was 5.18% (50% is industry average). The continuous, high engagement ensures top-of-mind awareness for the HCA North Florida hospital ERs.

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