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About the Client

Prominence Health Plan is a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc. (NYSE: UHS), one of the largest healthcare management companies in the nation. Prominence Health Plan has been keeping families and businesses healthy with accessible healthcare at the forefront of communities for more than 25 years.

The Challenge

Prominence Health Plan was looking to introduce their unique brand and their new ACO partnership to Palm Beach County seniors. In addition to Palm Beach, Prominence was also looking to accelerate Medicare Advantage enrollments in established markets of Texas and Nevada, all while showcasing a united brand and product message. Prominence Health Plan wanted to successfully enroll thousands of new members into their plan during the 2020 and 2021 Annual Enrollment Periods (AEP).


Ultimately, seniors want to know HOW your product or service is going to improve the quality of THEIR life. Our research clearly demonstrated that the majority of health insurance competitors talked at length about how they wanted to change healthcare. But the reality was, NONE of them were perceived as doing it. Our mission became clear. While competitors were making vague promises to fix the complexities of the healthcare system, Prominence Health Plan was hyper-focused on changing healthcare one person at a time with their people-over-process approach to Medicare Advantage coverage.

The Strategy

  1. Promote Prominence Health Plan’s brand and connect with consumers on an emotional level.
    To promote and generate interest in the brand, we used their existing brand platform, Great Coverage From People Who Care, to differentiate the Prominence Health Plan brand from the competition with a personal and emotional narrative around the Prominence belief that “we can change people’s lives for the better!”. We utilized strategic traditional media placement to create heavy market penetration amongst seniors as well as activated our exclusive partnership with Optum to create segmented, targeted engagement via digital tactics. Lastly, we implemented a demand generation funnel which was able to garner thousands of leads for sales to activate once AEP began.
  2. Targeting Baby Boomers with everchanging media consumption habits.
    COVID-19 has been actively changing the media landscape. Media consumption rates are increasing across all channels and while Baby Boomers are actively consuming more traditional media (TV, Radio, Newspaper), digital video ad spend and programmatic transactions have seen tremendous growth. With the ability to hyper-target seniors in all markets, we focused heavily on digital channels. We utilized Optum propensity models and built lookalike audiences focusing on key attributes of our target audiences to build customized messaging matrixes for each.
  3. Accelerate lead gen marketing to engage consumers and drive conversion during AEP.
    Optum data allowed us to employ an integrated media plan to deliver segment-specific messages promoting plan features/benefits digitally. We heavily focused AEP creative efforts with programmatic video, programmatic display, Facebook ads and SEM which drove the vast majority of consumer engagement. We continuously tested various messages, utilized our proprietary real-time analytics platform to identify effectiveness and efficiency of enrollment tactics, and optimized daily to achieve the best possible results.


Our campaigns successfully created a steady pipeline of Medicare-eligible seniors in all three markets with thousands of conversions, resulting in thousands of enrollments during the 2020 and 2021 AEP. Based on the average lifetime value of a Medicare Advantage member, this two-year marketing program generated over $2M in value gained and a ROI over 420%!


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