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Micha Siegel

May 12, 2023

Micha joins BPD as a Healthcare Marketing Strategist, after spending the past four years running digital marketing strategy for a local South Florida healthcare system, where he was also responsible for the oversight of their consumer experience.

Originally from Chicago, and a self-professed lover of deep-dish pizza, he would rather be working out over sitting on his couch and has put this energy into becoming an avid triathlete. As such, he enjoys in equal measure running, biking, and swimming, and loves having his daughters join him in these activities.

He attributes his success in long-term goal setting/planning and in achieving his goals being directly tied to his love of sports. Adding to this, from a spectator perspective and series on Netflix that “got him hooked”, Micha has become a fan of Formula One (F1) racing.

FUN FACT: On the rare chance you find Micha relaxing, it is undoubtedly over a cup of coffee – only the best – as he is very choosy about the blends he drinks.