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Super Bowl Commercials 2018: BPDerrrs Top Picks

February 6, 2018
Advertising, Commercials, Super Bowl

The Super Bowl goes far beyond football and Squares bets for us, it’s a national holiday for the industry we love. While others are filling their faces with chips and guac, we’re analyzing every detail of the commercials to see which brands have scored or fumbled. There was a lot to draw inspiration from this year. Here are some of our BPDerrrs top picks.

“My favorite commercial was the Tide commercial. I thought it was unique how they were making fun of all the different kinds of advertisements out there when in reality they were an ad themselves. It was clever to bring to light what everyone thinks and sees when these commercials are on TV (insurance, car, beds, shaving, beer, technology etc..). They were admitting to being another typical advertisement but by doing so, they were making fun of the others and I thought it was AWESOME.”
-Brittney White, Account Management Coordinator

“My favorite Super Bowl advertiser, just for making an unexpected splash was: Tide. They tried to make every Super Bowl ad a Tide ad. Ballsy. Not 100% successful, but they tried to be more than a set of Super Bowl spots.”
-Jeff Goldman, Associate Creative Director

“I liked the Tide commercial – I thought it was entertaining and effective. The campaign’s strategy to use one message at the beginning and compliment it with bumper ads to correlate commercials in the Superbowl was a clever way to keep them top of mind throughout the game.”
-Alejandra Leon, Digital Media Buyer

“Tide killed the game with the best use of multiple placements and a simple, clever story that kept getting told but never got tired throughout the game.”
-Haydn Sweterlitsch, Tradigital Creative Director

“Probably one of the most obvious choices because of the talent. But after the game was over, this was the only commercial I could tie to a brand, so they win by default.”
-Christine Senke, Social Media Strategist

“This is one of my favorites because it portrays the love of our of our nation, unity amongst individuals and the importance of serving one another. Very powerful and inspiring.”
-Meghan Humphreys, Senior Account Manager

“They had a lot of the same things the other ads did this year — emotional impact, empowerment messaging, topical currency with the nod to the Olympics and an overarching message of working hard. But the reason I picked this over the others is it effectively transformed my understanding of Toyota from being a ‘car’ company to a ‘mobility’ company — pretty hard to do in a single ad for such an established brand.”
-Paula Forastiero, Senior Digital Strategist

“This was the only commercial we hit rewind on to watch again, just entertaining and memorable.”
-Lindsay Zackon, Senior Account Strategist

“Eli Manning reenacting the final scene from Dirty Dancing with OBJ. Brilliant. One that people will be talking about for years.”
-Jeff Goldman, Associate Creative Director

“My favorite ad of the year was the Amazon Alexa. It featured two of my favorite celebrities (Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Hopkins), had humor and surprisingly featured Amazon’s CEO. It was able to show the functionality of the device while keeping the viewer entertained.”
-Jaimie Howard, Media Coordinator

Christine Senke

Christine is a Social Media Strategist at BPD. She’s spent the last decade working on creative healthcare marketing and communications strategies that not only impact the bottom-line, but better engage each stage of the patient journey. Christine holds a B.S. degree in Health Services Administration from Florida International University and is currently in the process of completing a Master’s program focused on Health Communication at Boston University.

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