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Stop, Click, Share: Innovative activations that ‘Outgrow the Box’

January 25, 2024
Advertising, Billboards, Internal & External Activation

By Julie Bricker

Now, more than ever, brands are grasping the importance of ‘outgrowing the box.’ This implies going beyond the cliché of thinking outside the box. Elevated thinking takes shape in anything that compels you to pause, halts your scrolling, motivates you to click or share, prompts you to capture a moment, or elicits the thought, ‘That is brilliant.’

It’s really important to note that the most successful brands will have established brand recognition with a foundation rooted in tradigital (traditional + digital) media tactics first and only then will the innovative activations have a monumental impact.

Recently, there have been a few brands that have executed innovative activations ingrained into their brands storyline. Here are some of our top picks:

Pop-Tart – #SacrificetheMascot

Anyone else been craving a Pop-Tart lately? This may be from seeing the nostalgic brand create a marketing stunt with a sacrificial mascot at the Pop-Tart Bowl. What we love about this marketing stunt is that this storyline threaded through the entire event – it launched launching with Taylor Swift inspired entrance that was engaging with the crowd, and concluded with “getting toasted” at the end of the game before being devoured by the winning team.

And the results? Over 4.3 million viewers, 160,000 sign-ups, and countless social media engagements. Not to mention, the anticipated sales from this brilliant execution are still rolling in, making Pop-Tart top of mind once again..

We love when brands are willing to be bold!

The Movies – Out-of-Home

Campaigns for marquee movies almost always have budgets to support innovative ideas. This past year, Barbie did an amazing job with their activations, but we all have seen those ad nauseam. So, we are highlighting a couple of our favorites in the out-of-home space that were brilliantly executed.

Netflix’s Leo Movie

Starring Adam Sandler as a lizard, this musical comedy received a ton of promotion from Netflix. Our favorite is the billboard duo that had a lizard tongue draped across the Sunset Strip to connect the two billboard locations. Any time you can take a traditional media tactic and make it innovative, it’s a huge win.

Fun Fact: Our sources say that West Hollywood has their own regulations and a specific carve out for the film industry. The capability to do this type of execution is due to a partnership with the City of West Hollywood; and the celebrities travel down from the hills to this section of the Sunset Strip just to see their projects promoted!

Mean Girls – Musical Remake

The original Mean Girls had so many memorable moments and meme worthy scenes that are still heavily quoted to this day, so it’s no surprise that there is a ton of hype around the musical remake that just debuted this past weekend. The studio used some of the best known lines from the original movie in contextually relevant media tactics to produce some “oh, that was good” creative executions. 

Here are some of our favorites:

CGI Executions (Computer-Generated Imagery)

We constantly have clients and colleagues reach out to us regarding the innovative content they see on social media platforms and asking us one of two questions:

  1. Can we do this?
  2. Is this real?

Yes, we can do this and no, it’s not real! But it made you stop, think, question, and ask, so it’s highly effective and a great way to engage on social media.

These are some of the best we have seen:

L’Oreal Paris: liquid lipstick 

Jacquemus: bag buses

Alexander Wang: bra bridge

Applying this type of creative innovation to our clients marketing strategies is what we do best. Do you want to learn more about what we can do for your brand? Lets talk: