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Snap to It! Three reasons Snapchat may be a worthwhile opportunity for healthcare marketers.

August 5, 2016
snapchat, Social Media

Whether you love it, hate it or know nothing about it, Snapchat is the place to be for marketers across all industries. With its popularity increasing in 2016, there are three key reasons healthcare marketers should consider leveraging the disappearing photo and video sharing app in their marketing mix:    

1. Millennial women are already there.

In a recent survey Snapchat announced a substantial spike in female users age 18-34, or millennial women. The survey concluded that in August of 2015, the percentage of women who’ve used the app in the last month had risen from 31.3% to 48.6%. Given the older half of this demographic is now moving into parenthood, there is a great opportunity to communicate with the millennial mom or mom-to-be in a space where she’s already consuming media and brand messages. Insights from the study show that millennial women are more than just consuming brand messages on Snapchat. They are actively seeking out their favorite brands in this channel.    

2. It’s local.  

Though national brands are at the forefront of the app’s advertising, there are opportunities for smaller local brands to get in on the action. Snapchat’s geofilters are geo-targeted frames for your photos and videos that are not accessible unless the user is within a certain proximity to the specified location. This feature allows marketers to target users in proximity to their brick and mortar facilities and really capture prospective patients or consumers.

3. Content works across channels.

The unique content created on or for Snapchat can work across channels. With the option to save content created using the app interface or to upload content from external sources, Snapchat provides advertisers the opportunity to reuse content in both directions creating cost efficiency and congruity across platforms.    

While millennials can sometimes be hard to understand and a tricky demographic to market to, one thing is certain – they’re embracing Snapchat in a big way.

Sadie Howes

At the time of this post Sadie, was an Account Manager at BPD. She’s a veteran of Draft FCB and Y&R in the Big Apple.

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