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Practice A+ness as a Way of Life

September 25, 2015
Culture, Quality, Teamwork

100%.  It’s the most you can contribute.  What motivates you to give something your all?  Compensation?  Recognition?  At BPD, we strive to give 100% to each endeavor because excellence and inspiration foster professional and personal growth.  That’s why BPD’s third Basic is “Practice A+ness as a way of life.” 

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  These habits, which are engrained in our everyday lives, can take many forms.  Here’s an example of a shout-out from Amanda, Lead Project Manager at BPD:

BPD Basic # 3 Practice A+ness as a Way of Life/ Kara and Kaylee, even with the excitement of going on vacation, made sure to leave their team set up for success in their absence. It makes it very smooth for our clients and us when another team member can easily step in and pick up where you left off and your preparation made that happen.

We aren’t the only ones who are mindful of A+ness and consistent growth.  The trendy ‘Give it 100’ project provides a platform for people who want to learn a skill, any skill, in 100 days.  Users upload short videos to share their progress each day.  Popular categories include fitness, music, art, design, language, and parenting.  Amazing stories have resulted – from a paralyzed woman who taught herself to walk to the woman who lost 18 pounds and became a viral sensation while doing it.  The project demonstrates that a lot of hard work, day after day, is required to achieve excellence – and that we all can do it. Check it out:

Practicing A+ness stems from mindfulness and motivation.  It inspires others – here at BPD and among our clients – and this inspiration spreads like wildfire.  And that’s the basic principle behind BPD Basic Number Three.  When BPDerrrs practice this Basic, they’re essentially adding an additional layer of functionality and symbiosis that enhances them and the entire team. 

Sarah Brown

At the time of this post, Sarah Brown was the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Brown Parker & DeMarinis and the agency’s social media content director.

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