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Passionate About Your Customers? Put Your Employees First.

November 13, 2017
BPD Basics, BPDerrs Come First, inspiration, Leadership

Should employees come before clients? I struggled with this question for years as the CEO of Brown Parker & DeMarinis Advertising. I couldn’t imagine putting anyone or anything above the client. But along the way I realized, thanks to inspiration from Mr. Branson and others, that great customer service was only possible by putting the…

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7 Tips to Help Your Branded Content Go Viral

October 20, 2017
Content, Social Media

As digital marketers, we need to be continually monitoring performance and adjusting our strategies to match. So when BuzzSumo studied more than 100 million headlines to find those that performed best on Facebook, you can be sure we were paying attention. The results will likely be surprising to some. So let’s unpack the findings and…

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Healthcare Marketing Trends & Planning for the Future: An Interview with Jason Brown

September 26, 2017
healthcare marketing trends, hospital advertising, Purpose-Driven Marketing, strategic planning

Is purpose-driven marketing more effective than traditional hospital promotions? How do you allocate your media budget to maximize your ROI? And why is accountability becoming increasingly important in relationships between hospital marketing departments and their agency partners? Jason Brown, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, sits down with Hospital Marketing National to discuss current industry trends…

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BPD To Host 15-Hour Marathon Volunteer Project in Honor of Milestone Anniversary

September 21, 2017
Culture, Marketing

A mere 44 miles from the glitz and glamour of Palm Beach, residents of the Glades area live within some of the worst poverty and highest unemployment rates in the country. On Friday, October 6, Brown Parker & DeMarinis Advertising (BPD) will close shop to host a 15-hour marketing and branding marathon benefitting The Glades…

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4 Ways Marketing Leaders Can Impress the C-Suite

September 17, 2017
Brand, Content, Digital, Health System, Healthcare, Local, Marketing, Strategy, Trends

We all have been there. We are asked by the CEO to present the latest marketing campaign to the C-suite where the goal is to “keep them in the loop” and to “show how the marketing investment is working.” You spend weeks fine-tuning the presentation. You confirm with finance that the numbers are accurate and…

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The Content Conundrum: Applying Market Research Insights

August 17, 2017
Brand, Content, Digital, Health System, Healthcare, Local, Marketing, Strategy, Trends

In June 2017, BPD Advertising commissioned a national study of 1,000 women to identify the types of health information women are seeking and their approach to obtaining that information. Our proprietary research insights can help you better understand how these decision makers consume healthcare content as well as the types of content healthcare marketers should…

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Insights Into Hispanic Marketing

July 19, 2017
Healthcare Marketing

With 58 million Hispanics living in the United States, Latinos now make up almost 18% of the total U.S. population.1 Hispanic buying power increased to $1.5 trillion in 2015–an increase of 50% in just five years.2 In fact, if it were a standalone country, the U.S. Hispanic market buying power would make it one of…

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Marketing to Moms: The New Face of Millennial Motherhood

June 22, 2017
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Everyone has a picture of the “perfect mom” in their mind.  Some draw from mothers they know personally, and some utilize famous moms from television to exemplify the demographic profile and characteristics they believe a mother possesses. For some of us, she is Clair Huxtable, of The Cosby Show. Mrs. Huxtable was a highly-educated professional…

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Generation X: The Power of Generational Marketing

May 22, 2017
generational marketing

Each generation has their own set of unique experiences and expectations that impact their values and lifestyle. Factoring in these different characteristics, behaviors and mindsets can provide you with a solid foundation to build long-term, trusting relationships with your target audiences. This is the last in a series of articles that will outline how you…

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Building Your Baby Boomer Base: The Power of Generational Marketing

April 21, 2017
generational marketing

The practice of Generational Marketing is an approach that utilizes generational segmentation to shape marketing tactics and messaging accordingly. It continues to grow in its use throughout the health care industry. Generational Marketing allows you to understand your target audiences and can be a difference maker between you and your competition. This is the second…

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