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Want to be more successful at work? Get in touch with your emotions.

July 23, 2015

Emotional intelligence, or as some like to refer to it, “EQ,” has become an extremely important topic in today’s society. The concept that our emotional capabilities are just as valuable, if not more so, as our intellectual capabilities is now largely mainstream, and companies are focusing their attention on training their employees on how to…

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How to write a radio spot for healthcare

July 16, 2015
Advertising, Radio

Part 1: How to write a radio spot for healthcare that gets completely ignored. STEP 1: Start with a blank page. STEP 2: At the top of the page, write the amount of time you’ll be filling. Usually you’ll have 60 seconds of airtime to fill, but sometimes you’ll have 30 or even 15 seconds….

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Augmented Reality Can Augment Your Hospital’s Print Ads

July 2, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Trends, Print Ads

For the healthcare industry, the medium of print advertising is still relevant and effective. And now it is finding ways to merge with digital media to become more interactive. How can print content become interactive?  Think of the scenes in the Harry Potter movies in which a photo in a newspaper comes to life as…

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Better Work. Faster: The #1 Thing Hospitals Can Do to Improve the ROI From Their Marketing Agencies

June 25, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing, ROI

Having led Brand Strategy at large agencies for some of the biggest brands in categories as diverse as pharmaceuticals, airlines, alcohol, beverages, professional sports, television networks, cable companies, utilities, toothbrushes, mattresses, big box retail and even sexual health products, there is one common thread that exists throughout: If you want your agency to produce better…

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“Dating” Clients (aka How it Feels to Build a New Healthcare Marketing Relationship)

June 18, 2015
Client Relations

Dear (Potential) Clients: When I spoke recently with a friend who is single, I couldn’t help but feel relieved that I’m happily married and not having to navigate the dating world. But then it occurred to me: Working with new hospital clients is a lot like dating – with all the excitement and questions that…

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Do What’s Best For The Client

June 11, 2015
Culture, Customer Service, Service, Teamwork

Every Friday, BPDers gather at the end of the day to review the highlights of the week and relay shout-outs to each other. It’s an opportunity to recognize our accomplishments, individually and as a team. Each shout-out embodies one or more of the 10 BPD Basics (if you missed these, refer to my previous blog…

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“By Any Other Name…” Benefits of a Content Audit for Your Healthcare Digital Marketing

June 4, 2015
Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, Healthcare Marketing

The term “audit” evokes a lot of images and emotions – none of them good. But despite its name, a Content Audit may be the healthiest thing you can do for your healthcare digital strategy. Here are the basics on what goes into a Content Audit, what you should expect to get out of it…

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Cavemen Need Doctors, Too: How Healthcare Can Take a Lesson From the Insurance Industry.

May 28, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Risk Taking

Back in the day when I was a much younger creative, I was handed the lousiest assignment of all. One of our old clients, after a long hiatus from advertising, woke up to find that they were no longer top of mind. Actually, they had fallen completely out of mind. They decided it was once again time…

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3 Things Healthcare Marketing Can Learn From Fashion Bloggers

May 21, 2015
Blogging, Content Marketing, Social Media

Chiara Ferragni was recently named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. She’s on track to take in $8 million in revenues this year alone. Chiara is the creator of The Blonde Salad, which started as a fashion blog but has become so much more. Along with other prominent bloggers, Chiara is part of a fashion…

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How to Engage Patients in a World of Marketing Overload: 3 Tips

May 14, 2015
Billboards, Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Goals, Risk Taking

A recent Yankelovich study claims the average city-dweller gets around 5,000 visual messages a day. Other studies claim even higher numbers. Regardless, I think we all can agree that your potential patients are bombarded daily by a boatload of information in traditional, digital and experiential media. So how does a healthcare marketer stick out and…

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