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Hi! Episode 4: How to Inspire Fun in Your Workplace

September 21, 2016
BPD Basics, Culture

In the fourth episode of Hi! BPD Healthcare Insights, two undeniably funny and fun-loving BPDerrrs, Studio Art Director Angela Muñoz and Senior Project Manager Kaylee McInnis, explain how having fun in and out of the workplace creates a healthy, productive company culture.

As a healthcare marketing agency working with hospitals and health systems, our lives are fast-paced and stressful. But we’ve found that when you encourage fun in the work environment, work doesn’t feel like work. It helps our people collaborate better, reduces stress and puts us in a positive frame of mind to service our clients better and interact with them in a more joyful, playful way.

Angela and Kaylee list some of the activities we enjoy at BPD, including food trucks, 5Ks, birthday and holiday parties, running groups after work, Ugly Sweater Day, Halloween costumes, happy hours, hula hoops and many others—most of which involve food!

We are so convinced that fun leads to better work and better client service that we’ve made “Inspire Fun” one of our six BPD Basics. Angela and Kaylee recommend that your hospital or health system try it, too—throughout your entire organization or at least within your own department. Find out what your employees are passionate about and build a culture and activities around their hobbies and interests. You’ll quickly notice a happier team, which is a huge benefit in the demanding world of healthcare.

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