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Do What’s Best For The Client

June 11, 2015
Culture, Customer Service, Service, Teamwork

Every Friday, BPDers gather at the end of the day to review the highlights of the week and relay shout-outs to each other. It’s an opportunity to recognize our accomplishments, individually and as a team.

Each shout-out embodies one or more of the 10 BPD Basics (if you missed these, refer to my previous blog post, “The Heartbeat of a Great Workplace Culture”). Quite often, BPD Basic #1: Do What’s Best for the Client is the most popular category of shout-outs.

Here’s a past example:

BPD Basic #1 Do What’s Best for the Client/ Shout out to the entire team! Great strategy leads to great creative work leads to successful pitch!    

-From Vince (Co-creative Director at BPD)

Basic #1 is the first and most important key to our collective success. This keystone informs what we do − all decisions, processes, new hires, etc. It essentially sets the tone for the entire agency.

Each and every BPDer, whether they work in Account Management, Operations, Media, Creative, Content Strategy, Consulting or Digital, is informed of and touched by this principle.

What are some ways BPDers embrace Basic #1?

  1. We believe in providing strategic recommendations, even if that’s not the assignment. If we believe it’s the right move for our client, it’s the right thing to do.
  2. We are against saying yes to everything. Working in healthcare, many of our clients deal with intense internal politics and sometimes it’s easier to just say yes, even though it won’t accomplish the overall goals of their organization. We are, in essence, their political allies. We’re in the trenches with them in all of the political battles they face.
  3. We like to be ahead of everyone, not only our competitors but also our clients. We are proactive in recognizing our client’s business challenges and finding a solution before they even know they have a problem. That also means staying ahead of the newest healthcare marketing trends, tools and techniques.

Simply put, we care. We treat our clients like partners. By putting the client before ourselves, aligning with their best interests and staying ahead of the curve, we are as invested in their company as we are in our own. Our clients deserve nothing less.

Sarah Brown

At the time of this post, Sarah Brown was the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Brown Parker & DeMarinis and the agency’s social media content director.

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