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BPDerrrs Share Momisms for Mother’s Day

April 6, 2016

With Mother’s Day approaching, we asked BPDerrrs to share some of their mom’s most memorable advice. Their responses ran the spectrum, from funny to moving. We share these as our tribute to our moms and their role in our successes – as individuals and as BPDerrrs.

Don’t Mess With Mom

  • “Don’t do drugs, I’ll kill you.” (Just kidding!)
    – Jason Brown | CEO/Chief Strategy Officer
  • “Long distance love is long distance dumb.” 
    – Gustavo Flores | Studio Art Director

They Get It From Their “Mamá”

  • “¡No vayas peor que nadie!” Loosely translates to “Do not go worse than anyone” in regards to what I look like when I walk out the door.  
    – Christine Senke | Social Media Strategist
  • “Eso se arregla con Vic-Va-Po-Rú.” Vicks Vapor Rub is literally the cure for everything! 
    – Angela Muñoz | Studio Art Director

Such a “Mom” Thing to Say

  • “You’re late if you’re not five minutes early.” or “Hard work always pays off.” or “Don’t talk with your mouth full!” 
    – Vanessa Anderson | Director of Operations and Accounting
  • She always made sure I would wear my seatbelt or helmet. Seems like a no-brainer now, but that was a major pain point!
    – Lindsay Zackon | Sr. Account Manager
  • My mom is the queen of planners – in the best way. Whatever we did as a family always went so smoothly and it wasn’t until years later that I realize how much work she put into making that happen. She never said the words “planning today makes a better tomorrow” but she lived it and now I do too.
    – Paula Rae Forastiero | Senior Content Strategist
  • My mom told me to do the opposite of whatever my older brother was doing. 
    – Robert Miller | President

Mom Doesn’t Always Know Best

  • “Don’t eat sugary foods.” Ignored. I enjoy each and every birthday cake. 
    – James Hale | Senior Art Director
  • “Stop the horseplay, someone will lose an eye.” I don’t engage in horseplay here. And nobody has lost an eye. Yet. 
    – Jeff Goldman | Associate Creative Director
  • I was a heavy computer user in my tween years. (LOAD”Commodore_64”,8,1). My mom thought I was wasting too much time messing with programing and nonsense like that and encouraged me to spend more time doing something more productive. I stopped using my computer for several years until I went to college. Today, I use my computer every day as a main tool of my career. However, I could have made even a better living as an underground hacker! 
    – Vincent DeMarinis | Creative Director

She Was Right All Along

  • “I don’t care what everyone else is doing.” Back then you cared and you wanted to be part of the group. Now, I can say I honestly don’t want to be a part of a group. I just want to be me. 
    – Jessica Aleles | Account Manager
  • When things get crazy, overwhelming or sad, my mom would always say, “This too shall pass.” Such a simple thing, but it has always comforted me and helped me through rough patches. 
    – Dierdre Hanshaw | Senior Project Manager
  • “A spec of dirt will never hurt.” or “It never hurts to ask.” 
    – Jessica Schmidt | Vice President
  • Do things right the first time, even if it takes longer up front. The benefits far outweigh the time. She’d also often say, “You’ll understand when you’re older.” That applies to everything! 
    – Amanda Harrison | Associate Vice President of Project Management

Christine Senke

Christine is a Social Media Strategist at BPD. She’s spent the last decade working on creative healthcare marketing and communications strategies that not only impact the bottom-line, but better engage each stage of the patient journey. Christine holds a B.S. degree in Health Services Administration from Florida International University and is currently in the process of completing a Master’s program focused on Health Communication at Boston University.

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