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BPD & HCA Capital Division Win eHealthcare Leadership Award for Best Healthcare Content

November 12, 2019
Content, Healthcare Marketing

BPD Advertising and HCA Capital Division won Silver in the category of Best Healthcare Content at the 2019 eHealthcare Leadership Awards for No Pregnancy is Perfect.

The challenge for this campaign was simple but subtle: How could HCA Capital Division Hospitals begin a conversation with women as soon as they find out they are pregnant to build their confidence—and earn their trust—as they choose their birth hospital?

Our target was millennial and gen-X moms-to-be—as well as those trying to get pregnant—within the geography of the HCA Capital Division hospitals. Our research showed 75% of moms-to-be feel the need to be perfect. Social media and blogs create even more anxiety and frustration. The first trimester is filled with hope, joy, confusion, and fear. The questions are relentless and many. But when women search for answers, they often find suspect information, conflicting opinions and more confusion than ever. Our strategy was to shed light on the tough questions—and cut through the noise by sharing true experiences from real women.

The intent? To empower moms-to-be with confidence and clarity so they know they are not alone. By starting a brand conversation with total candor, HCA Capital Division builds a relationship based on trust, just as the women begin to decide where to give birth to their baby.

We shot extensive interviews with women who had given birth at one of the HCA Capital Division hospitals—capturing a wide range of experiences (first-time pregnancies, high-risk pregnancies, natural childbirth, miscarriages, and more). We edited the footage into over a hundred videos, hosting them on a content-based site that we directed women to through an extensive and immersive—unbranded—campaign featuring out-of-home, social, digital and event messaging. The out-of-home ads were placed throughout the geo-footprint of the HCA Capital Division Hospitals across Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky and New Hampshire. Placements included roadside billboards to digital signage and posters in airports, malls, train and bus stations, bathrooms, and more. In addition to the campaign and content site, we offered answers to more factual questions (such as, “Why can’t I eat sushi while pregnant?”) by developing an Alexa skill enabled to work on Amazon Echo devices.

From out-of-home signage in airports, train stations, malls and more—and across social media, digital ads, events, and a content-rich website, this campaign reached out to moms-to-be to start a conversation with the HCA Capital Division brand. By putting questions in the spotlight (some embarrassing, some funny, some serious), the campaign brought forth subjects that often go unspoken—and delivered honest, real stories from women who have been there. By doing this, HCA Capital Division offered an immersive, engaging integrated campaign that has empowered women and started brand conversations on (brutally) honest ground.

The response to No Pregnancy Is Perfect was immediate and continues to grow. Thousands of social likes, thousands of video views and robust, ongoing dialogue with thousands of moms-to-be across the geographic footprint. The anecdotal response has been resoundingly positive, with women appreciative of the honesty, candor and “realness” of the campaign, which contributed to hundreds of birth center tours and pregnancy classes attended since launch. The behavior change component has been more about the HCA Capital Division brand and a lesson for hospital brands in general. Women have always had these questions, and the conversations stayed hushed. It just took a brand to have the guts to get real about addressing the real emotions and experiences of pregnancy to start thousands of honest brand conversations with moms-to-be as they decide on their birth hospital.

The eHealthcare Leadership Awards honors the very best websites and digital communications from a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations. Winners of the 20th Annual eHealthcare Leadership Awards were announced on November 6 at a special presentation in Orlando, Florida during the Healthcare Internet Conference sponsored by Greystone.Net.

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HCA’s Capital Division encompasses a total of 17 regional hospitals and three free-standing emergency centers, in four states. Primarily concentrated in Virginia, the Capital Division also includes two hospitals in New Hampshire, one hospital in Kentucky and one hospital in Indiana.

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