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Augmented Reality Can Augment Your Hospital’s Print Ads

July 2, 2015
Healthcare Marketing, Marketing Trends, Print Ads

For the healthcare industry, the medium of print advertising is still relevant and effective. And now it is finding ways to merge with digital media to become more interactive.

How can print content become interactive?  Think of the scenes in the Harry Potter movies in which a photo in a newspaper comes to life as a moving picture. It’s no longer just “movie magic.”  It is now reality – Augmented Reality, that is.

You may think Augmented Reality is only something you would see in national magazines or major metro newspaper but it is not. Two Orlando-based magazines have started using this technology in their publications with huge success. Lake Mary Healthy Living started using this technology in October of 2014.  Moms Magazine started incorporating it into the magazine in 2015. 

How It Works

Augmented Reality allows the printed story to come alive and give a reader more options and information.  This has been used to enhance ads and editorial content while giving viewers the ability to order products or request more information.

The information comes alive on your smartphone or tablet using one of several new apps such as Layar or Blippar. By pointing your device’s camera at a designated visual in the magazine, you can see the two-dimensional image turn into videos and interactive content. Lake Mary Healthy Living has used this to extend their stories: a behind-the-scenes view of a fashion shoot, tutorials on how to get fitted for a bike, nutritional information, etc. See more in the story reported by WKMG.

How It Can Work for Your Hospital

Think of how powerful this can be for your hospital’s advertising. Let’s say you want to run an ad about an advanced new procedure. With Augmented Reality, the reader can see a video demonstration of the procedure, hear from a physician and even make an appointment online. A photo of your facility turns into a 3-D virtual tour. A patient testimonial ad becomes a heart-warming short film. In fact, any content printed in a newspaper or magazine – or even on a poster – becomes an immersive and powerful experience for potential patients.

Forget the naysayers: Print is not dying. Thanks to Augmented Reality, this is just the beginning of the future of print. 

Vanessa Prokop

Vanessa Prokop is a Senior Media Buyer at BPD. With over 23 years of experience, she is a tough negotiator and has a knack for reaching the largest number of people within the target audience while being both cost-efficient and budget conscious. Day in and day out, she is ensuring the largest possible ROI for our clients.

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